Prospective Supervisors

York University Researchers

Are you looking for an excellent undergraduate student to get involved in your research lab? This is the place to find them. Newly admitted students in the York University Specialized Honours Psychology Program (YUSHPP) have achieved a minimum GPA of B+, completed introductory stats and research methods, and have demonstrated a commitment to psychological research in a face-to-face interview. These students plan to continue their study of psychology at the graduate level.

We want to secure research opportunities for YUSHPP students who are in their 3rd and 4th years of study. This is a win-win scenario. You get a highly motivated and capable student to work in your lab and they get top notch research experience to help prepare them for graduate school. Perhaps you will both find a great fit and go on to do an honours thesis together.

Check out the student profiles section of this site to find an excellent student. Alternatively, send me a description of a research opportunity and I will post it on the Available Positions section of this website. Available positions could include such things as volunteer positions, paid positions, work study positions, and independent study courses.

Prospective Graduate Supervisors

Have you just reviewed an application from a graduate of York University’s Specialized Honours Psychology Program? If so, take a look around on this site to learn more about what you can expect of them.

Graduates of our program are highly selected and specifically trained to become excellent psychological researchers. They have successfully completed advanced courses in research methods, statistics, psychological measurement, and the history of psychology while maintaining a minimum GPA of B+. Further, they have been involved in research labs and completed an honours thesis under the supervision of a York University faculty member. You can find out more about the particular student you are considering for graduate school by looking at their profile in the student profiles section of this website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the particular student or the Specialized Honours Psychology Program more generally.

~ John Eastwood, Program Coordinator