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I am a 4th year Psychology major who aspires to get into the Industrial/Organizational Graduate programs at either University of Guelph or Western Ontario. My interests lie mainly in this particular field, although it also branches out into certain areas of Social Psychology. Particularly, I am interested in improving individual and team performance through researching different methods and constructs of motivation and task mastery. I am also interested in Psychometrics that pertain to the I/O field.

My research experience is in Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour. I have worked with both Dr. Mary J. Waller and Dr. Kevin Tasa from the Schulich School of Business at York University in their ongoing projects. Most recently, I will be undertaking a thesis with Dr. Kerry Kawakami of the Psychology Department at York University. This study investigates a new way of measuring motivations to be prejudiced using the moral credentials paradigm.

Research interests

Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Social Psychology, Psychometrics

Research experience


Dr. Kerry Kawakami @ York University
– Currently completing an undergraduate thesis in Social Psychology that examines ways of measuring internal/external motivations to be prejudiced
– Trained on running eye-tracker studies
– Created/modified stimuli with Adobe Photoshop CS

Dr. Mary J. Waller @ Schulich School of Business
– Digitized 8 mm tapes to create thin-slices of pilot behaviour during aviation simulations
– Isolated and created audio clips of individual members of teams who participated in an annual Canadian provincial mine rescue competition

Dr. Kevin Tasa @ Schulich School of Business
– Conducted a literature search for an upcoming project concerning the refining of the Political Skill construct

Skill and resources

I am skilled and familiar with the following programs:
– Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
– R
– Adobe Photoshop CS
– Praat
– MPEGStream