Basic information


Jason Isaacs

Membership status

Program member (conducting undergraduate thesis)


I was born in South Africa, and moved to Canada shortly after.
In high school, I believed I was destined for business. This interest followed me to university, and I spend my first year at university in the Schulich School of Business. After my first year of university, I realized that I did not truly have a passion for business, and this is when I became extremely attached to psychology. Ever since then, I have been furthering my psychological interests. I have been admitted into the Specialized Honours program, and I intend on continuing in the field of psychology and entering graduate school (ideally in the clinical area).
Outside of psychology, I enjoy being active and playing sports as much as possible. I also have a keen interest in music.

Research interests

I have a variety of current interests. Major interests include gender, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship dynamics, physical illnesses, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Research experience

I have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Raymond Mar in the Mar Lab. As a Research assistant in this lab, I was responsible for multiple tasks including running experiments, attending lab meetings, reading research articles, logging and organizing data, and performing maintenance operations (i.e. working with computers).
Following my experience in the Mar Lab, I gained 1 year's experience in Alberta Pos' Psychotherapy Process Lab. During my year in the lab, I worked with the professor and her graduate students, and I was primarily responsible for transcribing psychotherapy processes. In addition to transcribing, I was also responsible for identifying and highlighting certain emotion-episodes during the therapy sessions.
Last year, I I also worked as a Research Assistant in Dr. Karen Fergus' Psychosocial Oncology Lab, during which time I was primarily responsible for data checking and analysis. The main project of Dr. Fergus' Lab which I worked with was an online program for couples facing the challenges associated with breast cancer.
Currently, I am conducting my undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Karen Fergus, and I am carrying out additional research with Dr. Fergus and her research team; this research is intended to be published in a psychological journal upon completion. The focus of the research team is the way in which couples adjust to the creation of an ostomy following a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Relatedly, my undergraduate thesis deals with coping mechanisms that couples use in an attempt to deal with colorectal cancer.

Skill and resources

1) Statistical software – Experience using both R and SPSS
2) Psychological software – Experience using DirectRT and Qualtrics
3) Various research experience

Resources and Affiliations:
1) Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) – Student Affiliate and active member
2) Golden Key International Honours Society – Active member
3) Undergraduate Psychology Student Association (UPSA) – Active member