Basic information


Carolina Patryluk

Membership status

Program member (conducting undergraduate thesis)


I am approaching the end of my BA in psychology, and it is very clear to me that I will be involved in psychological research in the future. I hope to pursuit clinical psychology in my graduate studies, as I am interested in severe psychological disorders that negatively influence personality and behaviour. It is also important to me to gain a better comprehension of statistical analyses for psychological research, with particular focus on the efficacy of various treatment designs. I am eager to learn more about quantitative methods for treatment of psychopathology. Currently, I am completing my undergraduate thesis on the topic of treatment efficacy for delusions using a meta analysis approach.

Research interests

Quantitative Methods, Clinical Psychology, Psychosis, Empathy

Research experience

* Schizophrenia Study Lab with Dr. Eastwood – Volunteer Research Assistant
* Univariate Methods Course with Dr. Pek – Conducting Quantitative Analyses
* Independent Study with Dr. Eastwood – Conducting Qualitative Analyses
* Quantitative Methods Lab with Dr. Friendly – Research Assistant
* PRC and HEBB Lab – Resource Associate and Statistical Advisor
* START Clinic for Mood and Anxiety disorders – Volunteer Research Assistant

Skill and resources

* More than 2 years of research related experience
* Developed analytical and critical thinking skills
* Proficient in Word Office and SPSS, R, and SAS
* Comfortable handling various psychological tests, resources and databases
* Good communication skills in English and basic Spanish