Basic information


Carly Albaum

Membership status

Program member


I am an ambitious, hard-working and dedicated student who is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities. Beginning my third year, I wish to continue my successful academic career while managing the other important aspects of my life. I have taken my interest for psychology from the university environment to the secondary school I graduated from to volunteer as a teaching assistant in the grade 12 psychology class. I hope to gain further knowledge and skills required to excel in a career in Clinical-Developmental psychology.

Research interests

Developmental, Clinical-Developmental – Autism spectrum disorders and the family dynamic, language acquisition and memory promotion for children with ASD

Research experience

York Parenting Project – LaMarsh Centre for Child & Youth Research
Research Assistant – May 2012-Present

-assisting graduate students in completing interview process of study with mothers and their children (aged 0-4), developed an understanding of how to administer and respond to questions regarding assessment tests, to accommodate concerns of participants and their young children and to act in accordance with ethical standards
-scoring data allowing me to become familiar with the content of assessment tests used including Bayley's Scale of Infant Development as well as SPSS and Bayley-III
-transcribing audio interviews

Knowledge Translations
Author – November 2012 – Present

-writing knowledge translations on studies related to Autism for Dr. Jonathan Weiss of York University
-helping graduate students on a separate project with recruitment and data entry

Skill and resources

Communication Skills
-worked with adolescents with developmental disabilities in high-school
-conducted assessments on mothers and their infants for research study

Writing Skills
-summarizing studies in layman's terms so families who have experience with Autism can benefit from the findings

Data Management
-SPSS Database
-Bayley-III Scoring Assistant Software
-MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

Ethical Training
-completed the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)