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Bianca Dreyer

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I was born and grew up in Berlin, Germany and started my first year of university there in the medical field.
However, I soon had to realize that my passion and my beliefs respond and go along with psychological research and I moved to Canada to fulfill my desired career goals.
I have an ever-growing, never-ending curiosity and passion for psychological
research, which is why I applied for the specialized honours psychology program.

In my first year I was lucky to have Dr. Doug McCann in my Intro class and
started volunteering in his lab in my second year. He also accepted me as an
Independent Study student the same year and I was running my first own project
on the topic of “Effects of Accessibility and Discrepancy of Gender Stereotypes
on Females Negative Affect”.

Research interests

Social Psychology/ Personality and Psychopathology; Establishment of the Self and the Self-Concept in social settings

Research experience

As mentioned earlier I have volunteered for the Social Cognition and Psychopathology Lab and had the amazing chance of conducting my own research project under the supervision of Dr. Doug McCann.
Working in this lab enhanced my pre-existing interest and enthusiasm for social psychology.

So far I have focused on the development of the Self and social interactions that might influence the same. The way that our Self-concept is formed in different societies and cultural backgrounds also fascinates me, since I am myself an immigrant to Canada.

I have also worked at the Institute for Social Research at York Univeristy conducted telephone surveys about public health issues and obesity.

Over the summer I won a completely new perspective on psychology while working
in old-age living communities (up to 8 inhabitants) for people with psychological disorders. I got in contact with schizophrenic patients, alzheimers, dementia and alcohol and drug abusers.
This work has enhanced my adaptability and my ability to work in the most stressful environments and deal with critical situations spontaneously. It also widened my understanding of various approaches toward psychological research.

Skill and resources

I am very hard-working, endless curious, patient and social.

My curiosity has pushed me to travel a lot and I am still hardly ever sitting still as soon as I get days off.
I am fluently bilingual (German/English) and able to understand French. Last year I also started to learn Hindi/Urdu at York.

I love to learn from and share my experiences with fellow students and professors.
That's why I started to tutor Introduction to Psychology and Statistics last year.

In highschool I have also received extensive training in natural sciences, especially biology and chemistry, e.g. DNA analysis.

I'm able to work under almost all conditions and under time restrains.
I strive for self-actualization and perfection and thus am always eager to learn something new.

I am proficient to work with Microsoft Office Packages, SPSS and I am learning to use R.