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Alexandria West

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I graduated from the specialized honours program in Spring 2013 after completing my thesis with Dr. Doug McCann, a supervisor of whom I cannot speak highly enough. I conducted my undergraduate thesis on the topic of relationships between biculturalism, bilingualism, and cognitive inhibition. I have, as of Fall 2013, returned to York as an MA student to work with Dr. Joni Sasaki, a new faculty member who is doing pioneering research on gene x culture interactions and the effects of religion, among other topics. I plan to continue my research on biculturalism during my MA while incorporating a cultural neuroscience framework.

A little about me beyond my academic information:
I am a social, passionate, and assertive person. My cultural background is Indian on my mother's side, and Canadian on my father's. I am a keen learner and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I love to travel and experience other cultures, and my adventurous nature has taken me to places all over the world including Australia, Thailand, India, and Europe. I am also quite the oenophile; I have a Certificate of Merit from the Wine Council of Ontario, and enjoy crafting my own wines. Some of my other hobbies include softball, surfing, reading novels, and entertaining friends.

Research interests

Influences of biculturalism on cognition, identity, and subjective experience; the self; social cognition; social and cultural neuroscience

Research experience

Graduate Student
Dr. Joni Sasaki's Culture & Religion Lab, York University Sept. 2013 – Present

Research Assistant (Volunteer)/ Ind. Study/Thesis Student Sept. 2010 – Present
Dr. Doug McCann’s Social Cognition & Psychopathology Lab, York University

Research Assistant Jan. 2011 – August 2013
Dr. Joseph F. X. DeSouza’s Multisensory Systems Neuroscience Lab, York University

Research Assistant (Volunteer) Jan. – October 2010
Dr. Melody Wiseheart’s Cognitive Flexibility Lab, York University

Skill and resources

BrainVoyager QX (fMRI analysis software)
MS Office including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
Biohazard Safety Training Certificate
Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED Level C

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