Basic information


Anjani Kapoor

Membership status

Program member (conducting undergraduate thesis)


I am a fourth-year undergraduate student currently applying to study psychology at the graduate level.

As a big believer in the scientist-practitioner model, I have a passion for clinical-developmental research. I am most interested in studying the dyadic relationship between caregivers and their children.

My undergraduate research experience, with Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, has focused on studying negative affect regulation in infants and preschoolers in an ecologically valid context i.e. pain experienced during immunizations. We are currently conducting psychoeducational assessments on pre-school children looking at school readiness and controlling for parental executive functioning. This experience is so exciting for me as the implications of this research are far-reaching.

I have co-authored a paper (with Dr. Hiroshi Ono) in the second round of peer-review and have received several sources of undergraduate funding including an undergraduate NSERC award. I am a contributing writer at the Trauma and Attachment Report, an academic blog pioneered by Dr. Robert Muller.

This past summer has been extremely rewarding for me as I had the opportunity to be employed as a Supervised Access Worker for the Ministry of the Attorney General making observational notes for visits between children and their non-custodial parents. These notes are used to inform child custody cases in the court system.

Finally, I am an aspiring artist and practice yoga as well as mindful meditation on a regular basis.

Research interests

clinical developmental, maternal-child mental health, school readiness, attachment, early intervention, learning diabilities

Research experience

Jan 2012-Present
Research Assistant in the O.U.C.H (Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt) Lab
Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, York University
• Administered assessments to caregivers to control for child's executive functioning
• Coding of pain levels in preschoolers using the FLACC

April 2011-Present
Research Assistant (NSERC and Research at York Program)
Dr. Hiroshi Ono, york University
• Conducted an experiment investigating depth perception in a cue conflict context
• Co-authored "Replicating and extending Bourdon’s (1902) experiment on motion parallax."

September 2011-Present
Contributing Writer at the Trauma and Attachment Report (Independent Study)
Dr. Robert Muller, York University
• Conducted literature reviews on various topics related to trauma and attachment

Skill and resources

• Reliable coder for the FLACC assessment (Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability Scale for measuring pain)
• Experience administering the Tower of Hanoi (executive functioning) and the PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test)
• Experienced SPSS User
• Expert MS Office User
• Experienced Word Press (blogging tool) User
• Languages Proficiency: English, Hindi, Punjabi