Basic information


Anjali Wisnarama

Membership status

Program member

Research interests

Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, Rehabilitation, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Dementia, Addictions

Research experience

-Research Assistant for Interpersonal Perception and Social Cognition (IPSC) Laboratory with Dr. Jennifer Steele
>Directing participants through numerous experiments related to interpersonal perception and areas of social psychology
>Data entry using Microsoft Excel

-Research Assistant for CARE project with Dr. Robert Muller and Dr. David Day
>Carrying out research related to Children and their residential and day treatment experiences (CARE)
>Administering various psychological tests to child participants
>Contacting numerous mental health institutions for research participation and informational meetings
>Data entry using software such as SPSS and ADM

-Editor & Contributing Writer to the Trauma & Mental Health Report online mental health magazine
>Writing and editing articles on several topics related to mental health, trauma, and attachment
>Discussing future articles and plans for magazine during regular meetings

In the past, I have been a programs volunteer at the Sherwood Court Long Term Care Center where I worked closely with elderly populations and patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

I am always looking for opportunity to broaden my scope of experience and find interests in areas I have not yet explored.

Skill and resources

-General use of R, SPSS, and other Microsoft Office applications
-Take well organized and detailed notes
-Follows instructions carefully and thoughtfully plans ahead
-Past experience working with special populations (elderly and child populations)
-Enthusiastic, punctual, very flexible, and quick to learn
-Amazing talent for making clever puns (But if you're not a fan, I'll spare you the pun-ishment)