Want to find your way? Perhaps you need the help of a GPS.

October 9, 2012 in News

GPS is an exciting new organization that is here to provide support to York University undergraduate students. GPS is run by Psychology Graduate students in affiliation with Calumet College, and they are here to help YOU! Check them out online.

The GPS Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology to be paired up with graduate students. Mentors can answer any questions about what graduate school is like, opportunities in the field of psychology, and offer advice on how to get there. Please email Taryn Nepon at tnepon@yorku.ca to learn how to get started!

Are You Looking For:

  • Answers to questions about what lies ahead after university?
  • Guidance on HOW to get there?
  • Answers to questions about what Graduate School is, and what graduate student life is like?
  • Guidance in career choices in psychology?
  • Ways to meet people in your program and find mentors in the Graduate Program?

Their Mandate:

  • Create the transfer of knowledge, skills, and experience from YorkU graduate students to undergraduate students
  • Provide students with information about post-graduate careers and/or academic paths available in the field of psychology

Most importantly, they are here to provide you with support and fellowship during your university experience.

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